Guess who was in NYC this week?

We had the opportunity of attending the ‘No Ceilings’ event presented by Pigeons and Planes and Staple Pigeon, held at Rough Trade in Brooklyn, NY!

Cousin Stizz was the headliner of the show and performed tracks such as; ‘Dum Dope’, ‘No Bells’, and ‘Dirty Bands’ keeping the crowd on their toes as well as closing the event!

Zelooperz had the crowd hyped up and performed 'Saggin', 'Elevators', and 'Hit a Lick' bringing Danny Brown on the stage with him ensuring that they both moshed with the crowd! 

Saba performed his tracks 'Butter', '401k', and 'Angels'! 

Big Leano performed 'Margiela Walk', and 'Lean for Sale' he was very active on stage and kept the crowd wanting much more! 

*Post & photography provided by Anthony C.