As The Rain Falls

Today's weather has been rainy yet, i hadn't anticipated it to last majority of the day. What I've come to notice about such weather is... Most people find it inconvenient, annoying, and even unnecessary. 

I fortunately do not feel this way, encourage rain (when I'm inside much more than when I'm out in it), and understand it's purpose.

Not only does the rain water the flowers, plants, and trees it also cools down the temperature and creates much needed moisture within the air. 

Personally whenever it rains i'm naturally forced to slow down, reflect, and even stare into space. Within my office i have a window seat with an outside view and although its not a view to brag about i sit there (with the window fully opened) when it rains, looking into the atmosphere. This action gives me the most joy, it's as if time stops for me in those moments of solace. 

I'm exceedingly grateful for such a small privilege and now welcome the rain much more than i've ever done before. 

Happy Rainy Day