365 Days of Thankfulness

I'd like to challenge you as I have my instagram community to take the '365 Days of Thankfulness' pledge.

Here's how this works: 

  1. Grab a Notebook/Piece of Paper & pen, Tablet, iPad, or Phone 
  2. Number your margin (1-365)
  3. Think about what you're thankful for and jot your thanks down [each day]
  4. Refer to your list whenever you'd like :) 

If we think of things to be thankful for; whenever we may feel down, experience sorrow, doubt ourselves, are neglected and/or rejected, become disappointed, and/or have negative thoughts we can refer back to what we were once thankful for! 

*Note additionally that we can be thankful for more than one thing in a day. Think of 365 as the minimum!

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