'Let's Talk' - Being Connected (Ayo-Ma! Event)

I had the absolute pleasure of curating/hosting the first Ayo-Ma! 'Let's Talk' discussion, which was by far the highlight of my week. Being able to engage/interact with a diverse group of thoughtful individuals was such a treat. 

The topic of discussion was 'Being Connected', the ways in which we can easily open up our communication by:

  • Simply simply smiling
  • Complimenting
  • Listening 
  • Being open to others 

It's important that we understand the act of connection is consciously working on togetherness! Sometimes it takes for us to disconnect to re-connect with ourselves and those around us. 

Let's not allow life to pass us by before we realize how simple it is to make positive impacts on others. There's nothing more fulfilling than an act of service. Try one a day and thank me later.

A special guest/life long friend (@rewolfnusmoon) shared her thoughts on the event and even created her own personal Vlog of the discussion. Feel free to press play (below).