Is Change Inevitable?

Sometimes in life we are offered opportunities that we can't refuse, alternatively we have the unfortunate pleasure of being forced into scenarios that drastically change our lives!

Question(s) of the Week: Is change inevitable? and how do we deal with it?

Join us in exploring the topic!

What About Self?

Self care is extremely important especially in today's climate!

Question(s) of the week: 
Should we care more about self-care/esteem? How do we boost our confidence?

Learn more during this week's episode.

Do You Seek Opportunities?

Have you ever felt as if you weren't fortunate enough to receive certain opportunities? or wondered when the next big thing would happen in your life.

Question of the Week:

Are you seeking new opportunities? or rely on others to help you?

Learn how you can be accountable for your successes!

Are You A Good Friend?

We're speaking about friendships!!!

Have you ever wondered who your true friends were? or considered why a friendship you once valued has fallen by the wayside?

Question(s) of the week:

Are you a good friend? Do you have the right people in your corner?

We address a topic that is highly spoken about! Join us as LDN gets a tad bit personal about friendships...

Is Professionalism Dying?

Is professionalism dying? Have we forgotten the need to be professionally relevant in today’s society?

Do people still evolve and succeed without the need to be professional? and is this why many careless about perfecting their skill set?

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